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We have become a preferred web and mobile app development partner for small and medium scale business as well as enterprises owing to various USPs.

The Best Company For iOS App Development In India

ios app development in India has become an integral part of the development lifecycle for companies both large as well as small. In recent time, some organizations are even opting to go the application only route meaning not have a website-enable shopping at all since apps for iOS devices are so highly utilized and depended on.


If you are finding for a cost-effective solution to make a new iOS application, then we can help you.


We Have Great Experience in Custom iPhone App Development


Our organization - Quickway Infosystems having loads of experience in custom ios app development in India would aid you to grow your revenues by attracting customers for iPhone apps. We utilize a customer-focus design which asks the users to utilize their common sense to buy your services or products. iPhone is typically easy; flexible as well as effective as well as thus custom app development is the new mantra for achievement.


Being a trustworthy iPhone app development company, we have an experienced team of professional iPhone developers who might set your app for accomplishment; thus you may outperform your competitors.


We have dedicated iPhone app developers as well as designers having in-depth technical expertise in the iOS application development domain for building business-centric iOS along with iPhone based mobile applications.


In recent time, some organizations are even opting to go the application only route meaning not have a website-enabled shopping at all since apps for iOS devices are so highly utilized and depended on.


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Choose the Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Company

We provide customized hybrid app development services for businesses as well as start-ups to engage users effectively. The innovative as well as feature-rich hybrid apps developed by our technical savvy hybrid mobile app development professionals at our hybrid mobile app development company help clients reach a wider audience as well as drive maximum returns on investment.


The hybrid app developers leverage entire well-liked mobile platforms to build a cross-channel mobility solution. Our hybrid app development professional also offer consultation about the distinctiveness of hybrid technologies as well as suggest solutions which could be the fantastic bet for the clients.


We Offer Custom Hybrid Mobile App Solutions




Our team of technical app developers makes applications with a professional as well as a dynamic approach. We are leading development company as well as engaged in providing wonderful IT solutions to its prestigious clients. As the requirement feature-rich, secure as well as scalable apps across several platforms gathers momentum, cross-platform application development has come to stay. In today’s technology-driven world, cross-platform app development addresses entire specific features as well as design attributes in a single stroke.


Our professional hybrid app and highly experienced developers make things easier for you through steady innovation as well as build high performing, secured, scalable, as well as customized applications for varied clients. Our customized hybrid applications are ideal for targeting a wider audience base as well as allow that the app obtains maximum downloads as well as user engagements.


Quickway Infosystems


20/1701, 7th floor,Tower-1, Express Trade Tower-2,
Sector-132, Noida, 201301
Phone: +91 8527587805
Email: info@quickwayinfosystems.com

Top 10 PHP frameworks in 2019

PHP is one of the most sought after choice for programmers. Hypertext Preprocessor is chiefly used as a server-side open source language. There are various frameworks in PHP language among which you can choose.


These frameworks offer a primary structure for developing web apps. They can help you in speeding up the whole development process and increase the efficiency of websites. They are highly effective for businesses in satisfying their performance needs.


80% of websites were using PHP in 2018. Deciding a suitable framework is a strenuous task for all developers. We will discuss 10 PHP frameworks in this post that will assist you in opting the best one.


Let's have a detailed insight into them:




Since its introduction in 2011, it has become the most preferred PHP framework worldwide. The major advantage of this open-source framework is its ability to make the process of development easier, especially the tasks like caching, authentication and sessions.


Moreover, it is faster and more secure. So, it is best suited for complex back-end tasks. With its assistance, you can also customize complicated apps according to modern web expectations.




It’s easy to download this framework as it is only of 2MB in size and comes with little installation burdens. This can help you in developing dynamic websites. There are numerable modules that allow constructing reusable components. Quickway Infosystems is one of the top Codeigniter web development company India with highly qualified development team.


Inbuilt security tools, illustrated documentation, and wonderful error handling is some of its advantageous features. These user-friendly features make it perfect for beginners. Moreover, you can choose it when you need to develop lightweight applications.




It’s one of the oldest frameworks which was launched in 2005 which is why it is considered as the most reliable platform. It is the first preference for developers working on large-scale enterprise projects.


This extensive PHP MVC framework supports almost all design patterns and other libraries. Its flexibility and stability makes it unique and at par with Laravel. 




Are you fond of the visually attractive websites which are full of features? If yes, then CakePHP, launched in the early 2000s is the best solution for you. It is based on the Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) framework.

Ever since its introduction, it is gaining better components constantly. CakePHP is most preferable for commercial applications because it has amazing security features like cross-site scripting, input validation etc.




It is mainly for developing modern web applications but it is suitable for all types of web apps. It stands for Yes, it is! And as its name suggests, it is the universal web programming language.


You can use this framework where security is a major concern like e-commerce projects, CMS, and others. If you choose to use this language, then you will be assisted by an expert team of developers over every issue that you will face.


Zend Framework:


It is extendable as it uses attributes like inheritance and interfaces. You can use its object-oriented framework to deliver high-quality apps for enterprises. It is extremely customizable and suitable for complicated tasks.


Some of its chief features are MVC components, data encryption, and simple cloud API. its ability to integrate with external libraries makes it the most preferable choice for banks and large IT departments.




This framework was launched in 2012 and was written in C and C++ originally. Although this framework does not demand any programmer to learn the C programming language. It is suitable according to enterprise development guidelines.


The important attributes of this framework include high execution speed, high-level security, and asset management. Phalcon can be the most suitable for constructing a fast working website.




This is a full-stack PHP framework which was launched in 2011. It has lesser memory consumption because with this framework there is no need to duplicate the content to display on multiple pages. 


It is possible because it supports hierarchical model view controller (HMVC) design pattern along with MVC. it is suitable for those developers who need web solutions that are diverse in size and complex in nature.




Like FuelPHP, it also uses the HMVC design pattern and was released in 2012. This framework is most suitable for social networking sites and web application development services. 


In comparison to other frameworks, it has very few modules and it can be used without a framework. Its new in the market which makes it lesser popular and there are very few users of this framework until now.




This PHP framework is popular and easy to learn. Any developer can quickly create powerful APIs and web apps by using this framework. Its chief features include cookie encryption, URL routing etc. We are one of the top leading php web development company India who offers dedicated service to its client in all over the world.


Developers prefer this framework mostly for a small web application which will not need a full-stack PHP framework. If you are looking for a user-friendly framework then its the best choice due to its simple documentation.


Final words:


According to our above description, it is clear that every PHP framework has it's our pros and cons. They all have different features when it comes to community, documentation and the supported databases.


No framework is bad or good, it depends completely on your needs. You need to consider the factors such as documentation, security, size of the application and whether it's user-friendly or not.


Therefore, you need to first simplify your requirements of the project as well as the application you are willing to develop. In the next stage, you need to select the most suitable framework from the list provided above.


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Hybrid Mobile App Development Company for Better Service

With our propelled assets and broad presentation to the hybrid mobile app development company innovation, we beneficially influence on cross stage application advancement. With the assistance of an accumulated and shared code base, our master Hybrid portable application advancement group has fabricated most creative scope of savvy applications on various versatile stages utilizing PhoneGap, Titanium, Sencha HTML5-based application improvement devices.


Our portable advancement group has adjusted well with the cross stage needs and cross stage application improvement and productively used the most recent arrangements of innovation in the area. Our exceptionally qualified planning group performs all things considered with the Hybrid portable application improvement specialists to create esteem characterizing yields for your cross-stage application needs.


With their involvement with creating Hybrid portable applications, our versatile application designers have worked wonderfully with cross-stage arrangement applying the least changes and following the bona fide and improved strategy of half and half versatile application advancement.


Mobile App Development Services



The best versatile application advancement organization in India. It gives first class application administrations to its customers that assistance organizations and organizations of each space to start their item advancement and conceptualize them as portable apps.ick begin to independent companies and enables them to observe their thoughts bring structure into an all around preferred application on Apple store or Google Play.


Mobile app development services are exceptionally talented and are prepared to go an additional mile to satisfy the interest of the clients and live up to their desires. The group is driven by encountered staff's that mix front line arrangements as indicated by the need in the market.


Each application created by our group is thoroughly tried to give a totally new measurement to the reason and estimation of your venture and include another layer security over the current application. We center around turning into the best mobile app development services while serving different companies.has broad involvement in making undertaking level, local and half and half portable applications that control mission-basic procedures and bolster your computerized change venture. It is alongside versatile enablement and re-designing administrations over all the significant portable stages including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.


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20/1701, 7th floor,Tower-1, Express Trade Tower-2,
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The Perfect App Development is Here with You

Today the technology is very much advanced and there are many of the new apps that have come up in the web world. Digital marketing is the best form of marketing and advertising these days that can help you to do the marketing in minimum time. This is a very different form from the normal marketing and this will help you save your time. This is more creative manner of the marketing. If you want to get the best apps on your mobile those are effective, then you can take the services from hybrid mobile app development company. These companies will help you with the perfect app that can help you to make your business grow in the perfect manner. Once the app is developed, it is developed for the lifetime and that can be used for some different reasons. There can also be a customized app that will be developed and designed as per your needs and desires as well.


The services those are the most dedicated ones



You will get the best app developed on your device. You can get these apps at the reasonable rates or for free too. If you are looking for some customized apps then you need to take the help from Xamarin app development in IndiaThese apps can be downloaded on your mobile. You can also get in touch with some of the app making companies in your area. You need to talk to them about your requirements regarding the apps and they will help you in that regards. There may be a few advertising agencies that can also help you out. This is the way you can make good amount of money. Just go for the best form od marketing and have good earnings.


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20/1701, 7th floor,Tower-1, Express Trade Tower-2,
Sector-132, Noida, 201301
Phone: +91 852 758 7805
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